Thanksgiving at the Beach
Thanksgiving at the Beach
Thanksgiving at the Beach
Thanksgiving at the Beach

Thanksgiving at the Beach

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Thanksgiving in California is not exactly chilly! It’s still beach weather! Dip your toes in the water with this piece... it truly makes you feel like you are standing where the ocean meets the sand. This piece is absolutely stunning and At 24” x 36” is the perfect size for any space. 

Any questions? Email and I’d love to help! 

About Calliewood Art

Calliewood Art was founded during the COVID pandemic by Val with the goal of creating happiness, spreading joy and inspiration. The brand has grown quickly and one of our favorite things is seeing how art can change the dymanic of a home and even a life.

The art nomination program was started by Val for individuals to nominate someone in their life to recieve custom art. These unique giveaways have already inspired the hearts of many! Can't wait for more in 2021.


Words don't do justice for the gratitude in my heart! You are beautiful, kind and an amazing artist. Thank you for htis stunning piece of art! It was so cool following it's journey from start to finish... you are just simply the best, xoxo.

Suzanne in Huntington Beach, CA

Thank you so, so much! ! I'm feeling so overwhelmed and so loved right now! How perfect! Seriously. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It looks like you dipped it in the ocean to make it so beautiful!

Brianna from Madison, WI

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